Chaos Singularity 2024

Cosin is a yearly chaotic event in Switzerland. The content ranges from technical and political, to social and cultural.

Date: June 28th - June 30th 2024
Location: Villa Ritter in Biel

IRC: #cosin (obsolete)


Mastodon: @CoSin

Language: Deutsch Fran├žais Italiano


CoSin is short for Chaos Singularity. We are not quite sure what that means, but we do know, what we want with it: We hope to provide a chance for geeks, nerds, hackers, discordians, chaots and other interested or curious people, to meet, learn, chat, have fun and relax. During three days, we’d like to offer the opportunity to investigate technology, think about its effects on society, or just chat with other participants in a relaxed atmosphere.

What is CoSin?

CoSin is a technical and political event, where we intend to hold lectures, operate a network and have a lot of fun. Lectures are going to be in German and English (in the past mostly German). CoSin is a non-profit event, and generally chaotic when it comes to our goals. Originally, we just wanted to offer an event for geeks, hackers and other friends of constructive chaos, to meet, chat and have fun. As such, the event follows a strong do-it-yourself principle, i.e. visitors are not consumers, but participants.

As a courtesy of the political reality, which seems to differ more from our ideals - like freedom of information and protection of privacy - each year, there is also an ever growing amount of political content. As such, we also hope to provide an opportunity for people with technical and political background to meet and exchange thoughts.

Finally, CoSin is also a good chance for people without technical background, to gain an insight.


The content of the CoSin event depends on the participants. Some topics are:

  • Software (e.g. GNU/Linux, BSD)
  • Hardware (e.g. Wireless Routers, amateur radio)
  • Electronics (e.g. soldering workshops)
  • Mate
  • Religious wars (Vi vs Emacs, etc.)
  • Politics (especially information and net-related topics)
  • Fun

More specific information about talks and workshops can be found in our schedule. Besides sharing knowledge and experience, CoSin and the organisations behind it also pursue various long-run objectives:

  • Networking between groups of different geographical areas.
  • Support of free projects around technology and information politics.
  • Advancement of information security.
  • Creation of a broader consciousness for opportunities and risks around information society.
  • Investigation of new technologies and analysis of their impact on society.
  • Understanding the interrelation between technology and information freedom.

Furthermore, CoSin is also meant to offer an opportunity to get to know people and their projects in a relaxed atmosphere.

For Whom?

CoSin is open to everyone, who is interested in technology and it’s effects on society. You don’t have to be an Unix guru to participate - all curious people are welcome. We’d be happy to meet you at CoSin!

What does the Name mean?

A singularity is a particular point in time and/or space, where everything concentrates (e.g. a black hole - a gravitational singularity). Chaos Singularity could therefore be a concentration of all chaos. A singularity can be something strange, unusual, peculiar or unique. Furthermore, singularity is the point in time, where the exponential growth in technology becomes infinite. At this point, all development happens extremely fast and almost completely chaotic, making any predictions about the following time impossible.

Cosine is a trigonometric function. It does not have any singularities. The value of cosin(2024) is approximately 0.6863550242365264.

Who organizes CoSin?

CoSin is a chaotic event organised by Chaostreffs of Switzerland. These groups share a common support for the German CCC e.V. and its ideals, in Switzerland represented by the CCC-CH.

The content is provided by all sorts of persons. Everyone is invited to contribute to the program, and we are grateful towards all the people who do this every year.